• relative dates
  • hash links to heading tags
  • links to previous and next articles


  • image at the top of each article
  • full-width background under top image
  • full-width background under comment widget
  • latest article highlighted on index page
  • top image of the latest post on index page
  • white on black colors in the footer
  • author info in the footer
  • tech badges in the footer
  • baseline typography
  • text column alignment (no text indents)
  • styles for selected text
  • responsive layout
  • responsive font-size
  • logo
  • auto non-breaking space after short words
  • responsive scroll position
  • responsive letter spacing
  • code snippets on the same baseline as regular text
  • fixed header
  • top-image animation


  • index page title
  • link to index in the footer
  • links to other blogs in the footer
  • links to community profiles in the footer
  • site map page
  • web-reachable drafts
  • suplement tags in articles
  • canonical tags
  • xml site-map
  • Google structured data
  • tag pages
  • fanpage
  • open graph meta data
  • article share buttons
  • selected text share buttons
  • twitter profile
  • twitter cards
  • G+ profile
  • AMP
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